Every year for the staff holiday party our brewers concoct something experimental and special just for us. One year we took excess wort (unfermented beer), pitched three yeast strains and fermented it at near 90 degrees! The result was so interesting and tasty that they just had to a brew a big batch for all. The beer was always noted on the brewlogs as “???” or “WTF is this beer?”, which ultimately became “TQ” for triple question mark. A long time patron and military veteran, when told about this concept mentioned that the military often adds an X before anything experimental. And so XTQ was born which ultimately morphed into XQT because, well, why not?

A rich and spicy Belgian ale with a deep malty complexity and loads of Belgian esters and brett funk. Finishes dry and complex and changes continuously as the beer warms in your glass. Cheers to experimentation and the endless possibilities of beer!

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