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Hill Climb

Double IPA

Brewed with Summit and Hallertau Blanc hops, this double IPA is another merger of two worlds! Bright and dry like the doubles of the West Coast with a juicy New England style IPA. Spicy and juicy at the same time with the addition of a crisp, refreshing finish from the use of lots of spelt malt.


Experimental Dry-Hopped Belgian Ale

Each year for the staff holiday party our brewers brew something special just for us! It’s always something experimental and completely off the wall. This year it was a wheat-based Belgian ale brewed with apple juice, Korean jujube date juice, brown sugar, honey, and a bit of wort (unfermented beer) from our flagship Top Down Lemongrass Blonde. Fermented hot with our favorite Belgian ale strain they topped it off with a dry hop of Amarillo and Citra. This complex, kind of strange, light and refreshing beer was a HIT with the staff, so we just had to brew it for you! 


Red Line Red

Double IPA


Cream Ale


India Pale Ale

6.9% ABV
This hazy IPA was brewed exclusively with whole cone Cashmere hops! It’s unique character of lemon lime and and tropical fruit really shine through its use only in the whirlpool, hopback and dryhop. A soft mouthfeel, dry finish and hazy appearance round out this unique and quaffable IPA.

Runaway Heifer

Imperial Milk Porter

8.4% ABV
Merging the smooth creamy mouthfeel of a milk stout, and the restrained roast character, full maltiness, and caramel flavor of an American porter, this big porter brewed with lactose for its smooth, full-body finishes with notes of chocolate and a nice hop character.

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