Drive By Juice

Double IPA

7.6% ABV
XXLiving up to its name, this beer is fruit juice in beer form! Hopped almost exclusively in the dry hop with a ridiculous amount of juicy Vic Secret and dank Azzaca hops, this double IPA has huge notes of papaya, mango and fresh oranges with big dank undertones. A silky smooth, creamy mouthfeel and very low bitterness make this big beer approachable to the hop head and non-beer drinker alike.

High Bridge

Helles Lager

XXA classic southern German lager! Very light and crisp, with aromas and flavors of delicate German malts. A subdued hop profile takes the back seat with just enough bitterness to round out the clean malt character. Very drinkable and nice and dry.

Top Down


A Belgian Blonde Ale with classic spicy and phenolic notes from a Belgian yeast strain. Light and crisp with a huge nose of herbal citrus from 10 pounds of fresh lemongrass. A dry finish with a lingering hint of sweetness and lemongrass.


India Pale Ale

A cross between a West Coast and New England style IPA. Hazy by design, with a smooth creamy mouthfeel. Low on bitterness and huge on flavor.  It has an aroma of pungent citrus and tropical fruit with hints of pine from copious amounts of late hop additions and dry hopping.

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